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a little bit about myself

I am a third generation sheet metal rain gutter installer and I have been installing high quality gutter systems in the bay area since 1985, excelling in all phases of gutter system installation, including:

Safe removal and disposal of old gutters system

Proper preparation for each particular job, including all necessary woodwork

Custom fabrication of each section of the gutter and downspout system to match the customers' particular need

High quality hot-soldering techniques to ensure strong consistant seams and miters

sloping of the gutter to the downspouts using a water level

Installation of the gutters and downspouts using the highest quality fasteners 

Jenks Gutters uses only galvanized steel, or copper for all of their gutter and downspout systems. Why?

There are several reasons. Chief among them is the ability to hot-solder all the seams and miters. A gutter system is like a chain, only as strong as its' weakest point. When you are not able to solder the areas that meet, that becomes a VERY weak point. Solder is made out of lead and zinc and actually becomes part of the gutter. When a material such as aluminum or vinyl is used, the corners are sealed with some other type of sealant that usually comes out of a tube. This is simply an inferior process that will lead to premature leaks at the corners and put you back at square one, with a gutter system that leaks.

Secondly, Galvanized steel and Copper is MUCH thicker and stronger than aluminum or vinyl. There are no problems with setting a ladder against these types of materials. This extra strength also affects the expansion and contraction of the material.
As we all know, there can be a 30 degree change in temperature on any given day here in sunny California. That temperature swing affects these materials very differently. The aluminum, because it is thinner, will expand and contract a good deal more than the heavier copper or galvanized steel. This leads right back to the inability to solder the corners. No matter what kind of sealant is used, if it is not soldered, it will fail.

Many contractors like to talk about the benefits of "seamless" aluminum gutter. One major detail to remember is that if your house has a corner that the gutter goes around, then two separate pieces have to be put together, so the "seamless" angle is out the window, and all the points that I have made now apply. The aluminum is weaker, thinner, and cannot be soldered.

We only use the highest quality materials. From redwood fascia to galvanized or copper gutters and downspouts with hot-soldered seams and miters, to insure that your gutter system is the best!

And if you are looking for someone to install wooden gutters, look no further! I am excellent at replacing these too!



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